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Teaching and consulting.
Custom Python software.
Magento certified developer.
IT recruiter and scout.

Gambuzzi Roberto

Developer since 1997, expert in a lot of languages and databases engine, with a special love for Python and MondoDB.

Magento Certified developer since 2012, specialized in backend data flow.


Work Experience

From February 2011 – Up today: Senior software developer and analyst in Webgriffe s.r.l.

  • Creation and design of Magento module, for CE (Community Edition) and EE (Enterprise Edition)
  • Theme and package creation for Magento CE and EE
  • E-commerce planning and development
  • Datasync between Magento and ERP, like Microsoft AX, Euro09, ...
  • Web projects with Drupal
  • ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading)
  • Scrapping software in Python
  • Debian servers administrator
  • Trained in Agile methodology (TDD, BDD, Pair Programming, Kanban, ...)
  • Training and Leading of junior developer
  • Planning of development time
  • Supporting the commercial department for the following activities:
    • Definition of hosting requirement
    • Support to offers quotation

As Magento developer I worked on porting an existing e-commerce from ASP classic to Magento CE for Terminal Video Italia, which was simultaneous to the migration of the ERP made by another company (Nice srl) from a custom one to Microsoft AX. The catalog contained 100'000 items, which were synchronized in realtime with the ERP and warehouse through web services. I was part of a team of 5 people on the e-commerce side; on the ERP side there were other 5 people. The project management was assigned to the customer IT manager.

As Magento developer I was also in charge of the backend data synchronization and front-end javascript development in a mixed prototype-jQuery environment on a lot of projects.

In the meanwhile: as a freelance Scout for Hivejobs I interviewed job candidates for positions in php, python, Magento development and general IT.

From June 2008 to February 2011: Senior software developer and analyst in MGC s.r.l.

As a "one-man team" I designed, developed and deployed, on the server I was maintaining, an application to keep track of maintenance jobs on ENI's fuel stations, using a mix of technologies, including mobile application, web portals, ocr, webservice on our side and on ENI's side. The application gathered data via Anoto digital paper technology (specifically using the AFS project) and trasmitted the data via a mobile phone to a OCR server (Readsoft), automatically inserted into a Mysql DB. In caso of compilation errors, the related modules were manually checked. In the last step the data were sent to ENI's server. The process included several helper web applications, written in Python with cherrypy and in C#, which kept track or consulted the data involved in the process.

In collaboration with Spaggiari S.p.A. as Digital Paper Expert and Python developer, I designed a system to track the paper flow in pubblic education, creating an online, realtime, school report card system.

I was part of the team working on the development of a custom ERP for Microsoft Windows in Borland Delphi (now owned by Embarcadero).

From 2007 to June 2008: Owner of GBIT s.r.l.

  • Development of security access systems with C++ using RS485 Keyboards
  • Data mining and synchronizing in Python
  • Team leading of a project on online touristic planning for the Liguria region.
  • Creation of a system for report of sales, written in Python, for Mokarabia S.p.A. based on data from SAP

September 2005 to June 2006: Information Technology Teacher at I.T.C.G. "Baggi" in Sassuolo.

  • teaching PHP in combination with MySQL
  • teaching C# in combination with MSSQL

From 2002 to 2007: Freelance Developer

  • I worked on software for the banking sector, managing data flux between CORBA servers of different bank departments, from/to AS400 and other software written in COBOL

  • I have worked with DreamTECH s.n.c. in Sassuolo on projects about:

    • Automotive,
    • Automation,
    • Linux and Windows server administration,
    • embedded systems
      • MAX-040 SORCUS
      • 386 ICOP

From 2001 to 2002: junior software developer in ASTARTE Sistemi Grafici s.a.s.

  • developer of graphics rasterisation software for the ceramic district, using Borland C++.
  • Software for IRIS printing machines.

From 1998 to 2000: junior software developer and database administrator in G7 Elaborazione Dati s.r.l.

  • database administrator
  • developer of batch elaboration scripts, on data from the USL Nord of Bologna.

In 1997: junior software developer in Studio Sirkoski

  • developer of e-commerce and websites using PERL cgi technology.

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